From the beginning of the 20th Century...

... Ugo Corsi and Orombello Nicolai collaborated together in the crafting of prestigious sculptures in beautiful white marble quarried from the well-known Carrara quarries. By the beginning of the 1920’s the company, under the competent and visionary direction of the founders had grown to become one of the largest producer in the Carrara area. It was during the 1950’s that the increasing needs of the clients and the consequential expansion of the company lead to the building of a new and modern sawmill capable of serving the already established workshop for architectural features.

From the beginning many things have happened: 

The 1960’s saw the first experimental sawing of the granite whilst the 1970’s were to bring the expansion into new challenging markets including those in Asia. The 1980’s brought with them the demand and supply for projects of an unprecedented scale. In 1988 CORSI & NICOLAI Australia was established by the vision of Roberto Nicolai and Fiorenzo Fele. After acquiring the now well-known warehouse in Clayton South, Victoria, CORSI & NICOLAI Australia quickly made its mark on the map as a reputable supplier/wholesaler. In 1992, Maritha Bosman became company director and has helped CORSI & NICOLAI Australia become a separate, Australian owned company and one of the best suppliers/wholesalers in the region.

Today CORSI & NICOLAI... Australia has grown to be a mature and balanced company, in which tradition, coupled with initiative and enthusiasm, ensures a high level of professionalism. During 2019 the company entered a partnership with Franchi Umberto Marmi (, one of the bigger producer and quarry owner in the Carrara area. Natural Stone supplied by CORSI & NICOLAI Australia and Franchi Umberto Marmi AUSTRALIA enriches the concept of luxury and prestige in landmark building and private homes. The quality of the products, the continuous research of new materials, the competent and professional team at CORSI & NICOLAI Australia and Franchi Umberto Marmi AUSTRALIA with high level of service offered in conjunction with one of the largest collections of natural marble and granite that includes popular and rare specimens of stone of all colours, has convinced buyers from all over the country.